Site Survey Questionnaire

Site Survey definition:

A wireless site survey is a task-by-task process by which the surveyor discovers and records the RF behavior throughout a facility and/or campus. This information includes RF coverage, signal strength, and interference, also proper hardware identification inventory and placement.

Site surveying involves analyzing a site from an RF perspective to determine what kind of RF coverage and hardware is required for a facility to meet the business goals of the customer.

    (Without this analysis, proper application functionality over WLAN cannot be guaranteed)
  • If indoors, what kind of facility?
  • If outdoors, is this a point to point, or a point-to-multipoint connection?
  • Are there any other organizations in or around the customer facility using WLANs or wireless bridges?
  • Which technology is the customer considering for the proposed WLAN implementation?
  • Expected or required wireless data rate (in Mbps)
  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 1.
  • (i.e., glass and steel, masonry, metal warehouse, etc.)?
  • (i.e., eliminate trouble spots, plan for expansion of network, increase capacity for new equipment or tasks, etc.)?
  • (Please list in order of importance)